Barneville Carteret is a town located in the Manche department in Normandy, France. It is a popular tourist destination, offering a beautiful beach, marina, restaurants and bars, as well as many events throughout the year.

Our campsite in Barneville-Carteret is ideally located for your next family vacation in Normandy.

Camping Barneville-Carteret near the Chemin des Douaniers

For nature lovers, you will have the opportunity to see dolphins in good weather, with a view of Jersey.

Feet in the sand and eyes on the horizon for this magnificent hike in this exceptional site of the Cape of Carteret, facing the Channel Islands. Dunes, dunes where you could easily get lost in your dreams…

Take advantage of your next stay in the region to discover the “chemin des douanier” near your campsite in the Channel located by the sea to create unforgettable memories with your family.

Your travel itinerary from the campsite in Barneville-Carteret

  • At the old station, the little tourist train of Carteret begins its journey, it goes to Port-Bail 10 kilometers away on the “Côte des Isles” with comments during the journey. The train dates from 1930.
  • The port of Carteret with its dock built in 1995 welcomes boaters and fishers, but especially shellfish including the famous Carteret lobster. In 1881, the link with Jersey was established. Today, high-speed catamarans have replaced steamers.
  • The old seigniorial manor of Carteret from the 18th century. is famous for having been used as a holiday resort by Jules Barbey d’Aurevilly, who set part of the action of his novel “Une Vieille Maîtresse” (private property).
  • The beaches: view on Barneville beach which stretches on the other side of the harbor and where you can pick up winkles, shrimps or curlers. The beach of Potinière is sheltered by the cliff below the path. It recalls the boom in sea bathing in Carteret in 1900.
  • The customs path, created in 1791, allowed the profession to ensure the surveillance of the coastline. Used for 150 years, it gradually fell into disuse. Today, it is the GR223 that goes around the Channel in 223 km.
  • The cape and the lighthouse. Opposite, the island of Jersey and the islets of Ecrehou, to the north the dunes and to the south the sandy coastline interspersed with the 8 harbors of the Cotentin, which extends over 100 km to the cliffs of Granville.
  • The Old Church in ruins (classified site) is dedicated to St-Germain-le-Scot, who evangelized the Cotentin in the Ves. It is a vestige of the old village covered by the sands. On the wild and immense beach, you can practice sand yachting and speed-sailing.
  • The perched dunes (i.e. leaning on a fossil cliff) are a high place of the natural heritage of Lower Normandy. The landscape, biological, historical and cultural heritage is very rich and protected on about 800 ha.

Discover the tourist places near your campsite in the Manche

  • The church of Saint-Germain d’Auxerre in Barneville is one of the most interesting Romanesque churches (circa 1140) in the Cotentin region. The church tower is one of a series of church towers fortified in the years 1405 to 1412 following English incursions into the Cotentin region.
  • The manor of Graffard: visible from the D903. The current manor replaces an old stronghold occupied by the English during the Hundred Years War. It was built in 1574-1575. It is a remarkable example of Renaissance construction (privately owned).
  • The old town of Barneville: behind the church, the remains of an ancient feudal mound, a fortification of earth and wood. The high fortified tower of the church was built in the 15th century, during the Hundred Years’ War, to watch over the coast and the harbor of Carteret at a time when invaders came mainly from the sea.
  • Le village des Rivières: near the harbor, it has a lot of charm. The road winds along low stone walls, flower gardens and often modest houses.
  • The village of Tôt, whose only street of flowered houses follows the course of the “Gerfleur”. There are still the remains of an old mill and a wash house, recently restored, where “Mère Denis” used to practice her trade as a washerwoman.
  • Le Valnotte: hamlet built in a narrow and steep valley, where the vegetation is luxuriant. Continuing through the hamlet of Toulorge, you will reach a picnic area with a view of the beaches.

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