The city of Avranches is located on the southern coast of the Manche department. It is built on a hill facing the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel. It gave its name to its surroundings, the country of Avranchin.

Ideally located, our campsite in Avranches is the ideal starting point to discover the Normandy region.

Camping near Avranches

Avranches is the sub-prefecture of the Manche department. It has a population of about 8,500 and a district of 117,432. It is therefore first of all an administrative center, seat of a court of first instance and a court of high instance, which radiates on a region with an essentially agricultural vocation.

Sheep are raised on the shores of the bay of Mont Saint Michel (salt meadows), and dairy cows and horses are raised inland. The climate tempered by the proximity of the sea favors beautiful market gardening.

Our campsite in the Manche is located about 80 km from the town of Avranches.

In this context, Avranches was able to develop its trade harmoniously. In a pleasant and well-kept setting, you will find a range of products and services capable of satisfying the most diverse needs and tastes. The streets are particularly lively on Saturdays, when there is an important market that attracts the population of the area and offers, among other things, highly appreciated farm products.

With the construction of the A84 freeway (route des Estuaires) at the foot of Avranches, the town is now experiencing a revival of economic dynamism, reinforced by the inter-communal structure.

While staying in our campsite near Avranches, you can discover Chausey or even Granville.